Hello and thank you for taking the time time to view my blog, Moogle Pie. BXf65GZCEAATkui

I’ve always been fascinated by treats in video games. From the ever popular “the cake is a lie” Portal cake to the mouth watering Pokepuffs introduced in Pokemon X&Y, I’ve always secretly wished that these otherworldly treats were a reality. This was what finally led me to create ‘Moogle Pie’, the curiousness was overwhelming, so I invite you to follow me as I try to recreate said delectable treats and share my recipes and finished products.


Erica x

You can also follow me on Twitter @eremgee

2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a cool idea… I would really like to know how to make the sandwich Asuna makes for Kirito in Sword Art Online… That makes me hungry every time I think about it. Which is weird considering all the food in the Sword Art Online world is actually fake considering its all virtual reality…

    But yeah, I like the concept.

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